Why Android will overpower iOS

The battle between Apple and Samsung has merely fueled the sales of Samsung mobile devices even further, by increasing Samsung sales over the past couple of months to over 200 million devices worldwide. So why are more people choosing Samsung's Android powered device over Apples iPhone?
iPhone has been around for quite some time now and I think people are becoming curious as to what has threatened Apple so much as to sue Samsung, the various law suites against Samsung have done nothing but boost their sales even further. But it's not just Samsung that recorded high sales since the battle begun, other manufacturers benefited as well, like Motorola, LG and Sony. What do all these manufacturers have in common? ... They are all using Google's smartphone OS called Android.
The beauty of Android is its high customization and thousands of apps that are available through the Google Play Store. You can always find an app to do the task you want and you will almost always find a free version of it. Integration with Google services is seamless and effortless in 99% of the apps you just need your login details. Other services, such as social media, are easy to install and access as well, here as well, you are given thousands if options of how to access these services via various apps.
The point of Android is that you are not limited, you have the world at your fingertips, just waiting for your command and you can do it however you want to. If you find a few bugs in your app the real time communication directly with the developers, via the Play Store, helps to resolve these issues.
You also get regular updates for your phones OS, making your Android experience better every time. If your phone becomes outdated and the manufacturer is unable to support your phones OS anymore, there are developers out there that release custom software for these phones, such as xda-developers.
Android is going to be the dominant mobile OS, watch out for it.